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Someone wanted to see all of the projects I've ever worked on, so here they are, in reverse chronological order.

EQE Released Dec. 2017, still under active development

System-wide audio platform for iOS, with about 5000 monthly active users.

eqe.fm/about <-- has screenshots/videos
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EQE = super dope audio platform for iOS. Systemwide parametric EQ + Lua scripting + other cool stuffhttps://t.co/74JcjzV8C9 is also live. RIP last.fm??

Compatible w/ iOS 7, 8, 9, 10 (and probably 11 when the jailbreak is out)

More info: https://t.co/GBmf8TJydq

— reed (@rweichler) December 15, 2017

<graduated uni>

jjjj Released Feb. 2017

Experimental package manager for jailbroken iOS based on dpkg, similar to Cydia

Here's a vid of the new Cydia alternative I'm working on. Much faster and no need to respring when installing certain tweaks pic.twitter.com/iGfTtTQSdp

— reed (@rweichler) February 26, 2017

Sunnyveil Developed in mid-late 2016, never released

Experimental 3D game engine written from scratch using OpenGL and bullet physics. Written using LuaJIT / C.

Bullet/LuaJIT binding library

LoveBoard Developed in early 2016, never released

Experimental SpringBoard replacement, using Love2D as a rendering engine in lieu of UIKit.

aite Released mid 2016, still under development

Portable, cross-platform non-nightmarish build system. Was built due to my frustrations with Make. I currently use this to build all of my projects.

Source code

lucy Released early 2016

iOS runtime inspector/debugger, using Lua as a scripting language instead of JavaScript. Short for Lua Cycript. An iteration of this is being used for the Lua console for EQE.

Source code

EqualizerEverywhere Released July 2014

Systemwide 10-band equalizer for jailbroken iOS. Has since been replaced by EQE, which I elaborate at the top.
Had about 10,000 paying users and 100,000 non-paying users.

iDownloadBlog review
demo videos

Cylinder Released February 2014

Animation platform for jailbroken iOS, which allows icon animations on the homescreen to be programmed in Lua.

Considered by many to be a jailbreaking essential. Over 5 million cumulative downloads since release.

iDownloadBlog review
demo videos

Cylinder 1.1 is now on Cydia's BigBoss repo, with official iOS 13 and A12 support. pic.twitter.com/HnIClGAYVN

— reed (@rweichler) November 18, 2019

<graduated high school>

Wuigi Released 2011

Mario level editor, for AP Computer Science project in high school. This was cool/unique until Nintendo stole my idea and made Mario Maker. Grr.

Source code

DurgzMod Released 2009

Garry's Mod addon for in-game drug simulations. To this day it still has around 200,000 users.

Steam workshop link
Source code

<"graduated" middle school>

RealCS Released 2008

Recreation of Counter-Strike weapons in Garry's Mod. The source code has since been pilfered by other modders and traces of it can be found in more up-to-date Counter-Strike addons.

Steam workshop link

l33tforum Released 2007?

Crappy forum software I made using MySQL/PHP.

lard.5u.com Released 2006

My first foray into "programming". Just a basic HTML/JavaScript site.

Archive.org backup

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